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Help desk Services

At Ahead Technology, we can provide both residential and corporate help desk service. You can use the links on the right to create a support/service ticket, view our support forum, or search our knowledgebase. You can also use our live chat system. If no technicians are available, you are able to leave a message and a technician will contact you right away.

Once a problem is identified, our technicians can connect directly to your computer remotely and fix problems without your intervention. This usually proves to fix problems faster and allows our technicians to directly view your computer screen as if they were sitting right in front of it.

In order to connect to you, our technician will ask you to download a small program to your computer. Once the help desk session has ended, the program will automatically remove itself from your system. Additionally, you have to option to end the session at any time if you feel the need to.

If a technician decides to utilize the remote help desk, they will instruct you do download one of our remote help desk software programs. Regardless of which they choose, you can rest assured that once the connection is terminated, the software CANNOT be utilized again without re-downloading it. In other words, once we are done with your computer, we have no way to reconnect to your computer, ensuring your privacy. Our technician will instruct you to download one of the two programs below. Click the version they instruct you to, and click "Run", not save. A yellow bar may appear at the top of your screen. Click the bar and you will be prompted with instructions to download the program.

Help desk Version 1

Help desk Version 2